Megawatts Ltd.


Simple to use, easy to learn Membership, Box Office, Archive and Communication Tool


The Toolkit provides a simple interface to manage members. Create any number of membership classes and rates. Process renewals and new members. Track members interests.


Keep in contact with your members with sophisticated communication tools. Send Renewal reminders, email members with certain interests, send newsletters, etc.


Monitor number of times an email is read. Show unique opens. See historical reports and compare broadcast campaigns.

Box Office

Create events and sell tickets. Use our fully hosted online selling facility and spread exposure to your event. Multiple venues, tiers and prices all supported.


Cost Saving

Fully hosted. Internet based. No need for expensive servers. We have them.


Full reporting system. Reports can be exported to your own accounting system (even though we have one built in).


We use state of the art security. All sensitive is encrypted.


Add extra terminals by simply adding more computers connected to the internet.